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What we do

UX Design

We create intuitive, innovative, and beautiful products. We are passionate about quality, usability, and simplicity. We strive to learn and understand personæ needs, behaviors, and emotions. We work on solving complex challenges and craft experiences that highlight products unique capabilities and personalities.

Agile Methodologies

Our Agile practices are based on improve the process of our professional team using methods like Scrum and Kanban. Always in collaboration of the customer and responding to the needs of each project. Our main goal is to apply this methodologies under continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.


Get your systems updated with these new technologies that are evolving the way we work, study and buy online and offline. Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are helping us in a lot of daily tasks like how to know a sofa will looks like in our home, to measure a box and know exactly the price of a package, and more.

Software Development

All kind of business solutions we made was created in partnership with our customers and developed and designed with the highest creatives minds from our high-talented team from scratch to production.


Nowadays everyone use more and more apps on the daily basis, so more than ever today it’s time to develop an app for you or your business. Always applying the best practices and tools our UX and Dev Team has.

Web Sites

Contact us in order to give or improve your presence in the world wide web, from all kind of business, artists and small business stores had trusted us and are highly satisfied with our creative and high-end website solutions.

Cloud Ops

CloudOps relies on continuous operations. This is the approach to operations that’s emerging from best practices around DevOps. Continuous operations have the ability to run cloud-based systems in such a way that there’s never the need to take part or all of an application out of service to help attain a zero downtime goal. There are tons of advantages of Cloud hosting and Ops vs big and high-cost servers locally placed that we can solve as fast as you can imagine.

Who we are

Santiago Petrone

+14 years Design & Interactions "UX"

Daniel Rolon

+14 years Product Designer

Gonzalo Fajardo

+15 years Software Architect

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